Frequently Asked Questions

Wix and other sites like SquareSpace and Go Daddy offer “website builders” where you are expected to build your own website. Unlike those companies, we build your new website FOR you- at prices which are comparable to website builder prices. You’re welcome!

At this time we do not offer e-commerce sites. However, we do plan on introducing e-commerce sites in the near future. In the meantime, we can refer you to partners of ours who build e-commerce sites.

WordPress is the most popular platform for websites in the world. One of the reasons for this is that it is very easy for the average person to make (certain) changes on WordPress sites. Some estimates say that 20% of all the websites and blogs in the world are powered by WordPress! Also Google is on the record saying they like the WordPress platform.

When a website is built it is simply a series of files (mostly words and pictures). In order to get those files up onto the internet so that people can view them on their computers (and tablets and phones), they need to reside on a very powerful computer known as a server. Hosting is the service provided by companies that own or lease these servers in order that the websites may be visited on the World Wide Web. Hosting also involves keeping these sites protected from attacks by nefarious bots and malware which happen daily.

In general- YES. Particularly to changes you want to make to regular text and photos.  However, depending on which hosting plan you sign up for, you may or may not be charged for those changes which you are unable to make (or don’t feel like making) on your own. These changes may include changes to the layout, or widgets, boxes, banner, header and things like that. In such cases, if your hosting plan does not include changes, simply email us for a quote. 

That really depends. We work quite quickly but remember, part of the equation is us getting the content from you. If you already have a website with existing content that we can use then your new website should be ready in just a couple of weeks for your review. However, if you take a long time to get us the content, this will slow down the entire process as we are dependent on you before we can finish the site. We have some questionnaires available to help you with getting us content which should help. Remember, content refers to the words and pictures on your website.

Absolutely! We can use pictures that you send us or we can use pictures from your existing website. However, you should know that we cannot use pictures that you found on the internet. This is illegal as all photos must be either paid for or taken by you yourself.

You can see our different hosting plans here.

No. Not necessarily. We are open to working out a payment plan with you as long as a credit card is on file. Give us a call. Let’s talk.

Regardless of which hosting plan you choose, we will teach you how to make many changes on your own. However, if you do need us to make changes for you, and if your hosting plan does NOT include changes, we charge $75.00 per hour with a half hour minimum. Most people send us an email describing the change that they have in mind and we get back to them very quickly with a quote at which point they can decide whether or not we should move forward with the changes.

Absolutely! As long as your domain name is registered to you, you’ll be able to have the same domain name when your new site goes live. Just make sure you have the login available to whatever registrar you’re using, like GoDaddy or Network Solutions, etc.

Yes you will. We do not host emails. We only host websites. So your email addresses will remain wherever they are right now. If you need more information about how to get route email addresses, we can discuss that during your new website build.

We ask for a 3 years or 36 month commitment. Give us a call and let’s discuss.

We do not work on existing sites. We only build new sites.

No. You can choose any site on the internet and we will try to use a design that is close to the site that you have chosen. We do not copy anything but we can build you a site with the same look and feel as the site you chose.

It works the same way. However, the challenge is going to be for you to get us the content we need to build the site. We have created a couple of questionnaires to make this process easier. Give us a call and we’ll explain.

In general, customers are responsible for the content of the site but we are here to help. We have a questionnaire that should help you in the process and if you have an existing site we can take the content from that site for your new one. We’ve built hundreds and hundreds of websites so we have experience in helping you get us the content we need. Give us a call and we’ll explain.

If you don’t have a credit or debit card, we can do a check by phone with you or you can send us a check for the entire amount and as soon as the check clears, we’ll get started.

Email is probably the easiest way to get us photographs. Some people use dropbox which is fine or Google Drive. We recommend a site called If your photos are particularly large, wetransfer lets you send up to 2GB of files in an email which should be more than enough for you to send us photographs. Give us a call and we’ll explain.

No. The stock images are included with your website build.

We can definitely help you put videos on your site. Sometimes there may be a charge and other times there may not. It really depends if your video is already on YouTube. That makes things a lot easier. Give us a call and let’s discuss what you have and we will let you know.

You should not cancel your existing hosting plan until your new site is live and on our server. If you’re not sure just ask us and we’ll let you know when it’s safe to cancel your existing hosting plan.

Depending on which hosting plan you choose, when we build your new site we may or may not optimize the pages for the search engine robots to find by setting the title tags, meta descriptions. H1 headers, keywords etc. However, this does not in any way mean that you will come up first on Google simply because we built you a new website. Search Engine Optimization, when done properly, is an ongoing monthly service with a commitment of at least 12 months. Give us a call and we’ll explain some options for you.

In addition to website development, we offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Management (SMM) and Google Ads/Search Engine Management (SEM). Give us a call and we’ll discuss some options with you.

Yes. We offer SEO on an ongoing basis. Give us a call and we’ll go over some options with you.

To get started just choose a design and pick a pricing package that works for you. Then give us a call or shoot us an email or a chat or a text and will help you get things rolling.

A website page is any destination on your site with its own unique URL or website address.

A revision is any change or group of changes that you asked us to do via email, voice, text or chat. Depending on which hosting plan you choose, However, we’re very reasonable. So, give us a call and we can discuss this further.

Content has any information on the site. Think of it as words and pictures and even videos.

If you don’t have any photos, that’s not a problem. We have access to a wonderful selection of stock photography that can make your site look very professional. If you get pictures taken on your own, down the road, we can replace the stock photos with your photographs.

Search Engine Optimization is the art of doing things on and off your website to make it more likely that search engines such as Google are more likely to serve your website pages or blog posts up as the answer to people’s search queries. When done properly, it is an ongoing process which includes different types of helpful original content being shared (through web pages, blog posts, videos, images and social media posts) on a regular basis.